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One of the most common questions we get is, Why the name Valiant Bones?

We stole it from Shakespeare.

It's a “win or die tryin’” thing, and we feel it’s the perfect name for a company that helps underdogs.

We also get questions about whether we're a nonprofit organization. The short answer is no:

We are a purpose-driven business with a generous philanthropic agenda. Inspired by other lifestyle brands like TOMS Shoes and 4Ocean, we know it's possible to run a company that really gives back while minding ethical business practices.

That's why we're card carrying members of 1% for the Planet. And that's why our goal is to contribute up to 30% of all net proceeds to regional, 501c3 no-kill dog rescues every quarter.

(To put that 30% in context, many pet companies that advertise charitable contributions give a penny or two on your purchase: Valiant Bones typically contributes between 300 and 1,500 times that amount per purchase⏤enough to feed a rescue dog for week, or longer.)

You can read our mission statement here. Answers to most other questions can be found via the "Categories" to the left and below.

And finally, if you'd like us to consider financially supporting a 501c3 no-kill dog rescue from your neck of the woods, please click here.

Shipping Policies & Notifications

Will you notify me when my order has shipped? Can I track it?

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Yes! We typically process orders within three business days. As soon as your order is shipped, you’ll be sent a confirmation email that will help you track it.

Sometimes tracking emails get filtered to SPAM, so be sure and check your SPAM folder if you haven’t received a confirmation from us after three business days.

What’s a business day?

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Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. (Not Saturday. Not Sunday.)

Why standard shipping only?

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The current state of the world has made expedited shipping unreliable at best, so we've chosen to save you money and anxiety by extending just this one option.

If you're needing to send someone a gift at the last minute, click here and send your dog-loving recipient our e-gift card. You can customize the appearance and have it delivered immediately or at any point in the future! (And, of course, no shipping required.)

e-Gift Card

Does the e-Gift Card expire?

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Can I check my e-Gift Card balance?

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Yes, simply click here to check your balance!

Guarantee & Returns

Lifetime guarantee for the Valiant Bones dog collar and leash

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The Valiant Bones dog collar and leash are manufactured with the highest standards and quality. Our guarantee covers any potential flaw in said manufacturing and materials. It does not cover:

+ A dog outgrowing product size

+ Damage from chewing (but we do help with that, so keep reading!)

+ Typical wear and tear

+ Intentional damage or damage through neglect

If you believe we need to make good on our quality guarantee, please email us via and we’ll let you know how to facilitate a replacement!

My dog chewed through her collar or leash?!

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Hey, these things happen. And because you value the Valiant Bones mission, we will happily replace your dog or puppy-chewed collar or leash for half price. Simply email us via and we’ll provide further instructions.

Return & Exchange Policy

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We will happily accept the return or exchange of your Valiant Bones product, as long as it remains unused and in the original packaging. Please email to initiate the process.

Is my Valiant Bones eco t-shirt also guaranteed for life?

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It's not guaranteed for life, but it’s wicked nice and we know you’ll love it.

In the unlikely event that you notice a flaw with your t-shirt upon receiving it, email us at and we’ll send instructions concerning a replacement.

Can I change my collar or leash order?

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Given the speed at which we typically commence order fulfillment, we cannot, in most cases, change an order once it’s placed.

Valiant Bones & Philanthropy

How much does Valiant Bones give to charity?

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Great question.

We love answering it.

Because the costs for manufacturing, advertising, and manpower are not fixed, there’s no single dollar amount that we contribute per product. It also matters whether you buy directly from us or another vendor (who takes a cut).

Nevertheless, we aspire to be among the most aggressively charitable businesses on earth in terms of the amount we contribute relative to earnings:

As noted above, our goal is to contribute 30% of net proceeds to 501c3 no-kill animal rescues every quarter. We also contribute at least 1% of our annual sales to 1% for the Planet.

That amounts to a lot. By any standard. Inspired by super-awesome companies like TOMS and 4Ocean, we aim to impact the world in the same, positive fashion.

For marketing purposes, a succinct way to convey all of the above is “enough to feed a rescue dog for a week.”

But since you’re here asking, we’d like to add that the average Valiant Bones charitable contribution per product is, in many parts of the country, enough to feed a big dog (very good food) for more than a week.

On the chance you know a 501c3 no-kill shelter that’s deserving of our support, let us know by clicking here.

Security & Privacy

Is your site secure for shopping?

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You are currently on an SSL site powered by Shopify, which uses the most current security and encryption tools available to support exceptional e-commerce brands around the world.

As you know, there are no guarantees when it comes to the Internet, but kindly note that we use the most secure systems available.

What do you do with my personal information once I place an order?

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We only garner that which we need for our team (Valiant Bones, our fulfillment center, etc.) to ship and communicate with you. From there, we guard your info like we guard our own. We will never, ever sell your name or contact information to anyone. Ever.

Does your website use cookies?

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Yes. It’s the only way we can know and understand what visitors are looking for. However, kindly note that cookies do not collect personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, or email address.

Collar & Leash Designs

Why don’t you offer more designs?

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In short:

To at once offer exceptionally high-quality products and maximize and our philanthropic impact, we need to keep things streamlined.

We have therefore designed a simple-yet-elegant dog collar and leash that look fabulous on dogs of all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders.

Malibu-gray and gold? Bora Bora turquoise? Yes, please.

Having said that, we plan to launch new designs as we grow. So follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter below—we promise to keep you posted.

Retailer Inquiries

Valiant Bones for your store

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If you're a retailer inquiring about Valiant Bones for your store, please contact for more information. (Please note that our MOQ is 1000 units. No exceptions.)

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